Simple Sam is exactly what
you need: management plus
intelligence is fundraising
made simple.

We Make Fundraising Easy.

So you can make the world a better place.

Simple Sam presents your
personal plan through clear,
simple action steps.

Simple Sam manages
your information in an
easy-to-use format.


Simple Sam really moves the
needle on what matters most
in a fraction of the time.


Simple Sam knows what you
need to do next, all the time,
and in every situation.


Using Simple Sam is like
having an experienced
fundraising professional
always at your disposal.

Simple Sam, we’re in the business of
ensuring your fundraising success

Simple Sam is in the business of optimizing your fundraising efforts.
We’ll develop a personalized fundraising plan, catered just for you,
keep track of your progress, help you create a database of your
partners and walk with you through a step-by-step process that
ends only when you’re fully funded.