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  • Consolidating your Contacts
  • Personalized Fundraising Plan Development
  • Communication Coaching
  • Step-by-Step Fundraising Accountability
  • Tracking Funds Raised

All Your Contacts in
One Place

We'll work with you to consolidate
all your contacts across your different
networks into one master database.

Personalized Plans
That Work

With a combined 30 years in
Fundraising Coaching, we'll use
our experience with your goals
and timeline to develop a plan to
get you fully funded.

Worry Free Timeline
One Step at a Time

We'll keep track of the details and
give you weekly reminders of the
steps you need to take to stay on
track that week.


Essential to your success will
be communicating the impact
you're making to your contacts
and partners. We have the know
how to streamline and optimize
your messages.

The Only Job You'll
Have to Do Alone

Unfortunately, we can't plan your
fully funded party, that will be on you.